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Here x There is back! This month we have some traffic jams for ya. 
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Alex Whitten playing synth for Mixtapes
Vans Warped Tour // July 2014

Hey all! I’m excited to announce that I’m going to be hopping on as a videographer for the Shiragirl stage, soon! If you’re coming out to any of these dates, high fives would be greatly appreciated!

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Here x There 04: Looking Forward by Jenay Ross + contributors

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Been editing away for the past few days.  Photos from Skate & Surf should be up soon!  Get excited! :)

Last minute packing before I head out for Skate & Surf! Stoked!

So runningfromthesun posted this on her Facebook the other day I thought this brought up something really important. I’m not sure paying to get your foot in the door should be how it works… (Seeing as most people trying to get their foot in the door have already sold their souls.)

What do you guys think?

The Whigs by Becca Green
American Authors by Becca Green
The Whigs by Becca Green